Scinic Total Cell Essence Water. Scinic Aqua EX Steam ESSENCE Water. Scinic Aqua EX Black Essence water.

Hi guys:)

Today i am talking about three totally cool products from Scinic, two of which are now my Must have Products…simply because I cannot choose which one I like best, since one Essence is moisturizing and the other one is Firming and Moisturizing:)

here is a pic of all three essences (click on the pic to make it larger)


Now my two favorite Must have products from these three are:

Scinic Total Cell Essence Water-Hydrating Essence water with a strong anti-ageing effect and fantastic ingredients ( I have posted a pic of the ingredients of the packaging below)

Scinic Aqaua EX Black Essence water-great hydrating, firming and anti-wrinkle effect here via 20% of marine extracts and sea water.

The other essence I am demonstrating in my video is the Scinic Aqua EX Steam ESSENCE Water-this is suppose to be very moisturizing, I have to agree that it does give you a nice moisturizing effect, it uses spa water and aloe very extracts as well as other ingredients (i have posted a pic below) to achieve this effect…however I do not feel that it has good anti-wrinkle properties…whereas the Scinic Total Cell Essence Water really does gives you both great anti-wrinkle benefits and deep hydration…hence my strong preference for this essence over the Steam one.


SCINIC TOTAL Cell Essence Water is exclusively formulated with CELL-EX™ COMPLEX, a combination of Agastache Rugosa ( Mey.) O.Kuntze Extract, Ginseng Extract and Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract. It strongly moisturizes, calms, slightly brightens and strengthens skin tissues while keeping the skin elastic.

It contains active ingredients extracted from Royal Jelly and Cordyceps Militaris (these are special mushrooms that grow in Asia and are used in many medicinal preparations)-fermented traditionally at 37℃.  It quickly delivers nutrients to the skin for deep repair, it also has a nice pore tightening effect and helps brighten your skin by diminishes the appearance of dark spots.

This also contains Botanical Seed Water and Botanical Seed Oil, rich in fatty acids, amino acids and nutrients, helping your skin staying young and always youthful and elastic.

here is my video showing all three products:)

Ingredients: (click on the pic to make it bigger)


Scinic Aqua EX Steam ESSENCE Water

This uses organically grown Aloe Vera, deep sea water, Jeju Guava Leaf Extracts and honey to form a barrier on the skin to avoid escape of moisture. In addition, it also contains 5 kinds of ECOCERT seed oil complex and is free from harsh chemicals (artificial colouring, parabens, etc)-however I must say it is just that moisturizing ..and it also has a very pleasant spa like smell….but I do feel it is more moisturizing and refreshing rather then hydrating and anti-aging…hence I enjoy using it now that I got it….but I will not repurchase this particular one out of the three that I got…..however it is a nice product to try if you guys want to go ahead and buy it.

Ingredients: (click on the pic to make it bigger)


Scinic Aqua EX Black Essence water.

It has 20% marine complex, deep see water, botanical and marine extracts, hydrolyzed collagen,black pearl extracts and adenosine (certified by Korean FDA for anti-wrinkle effect).

All in One Essence ( Lotion + Essence + Serum)-This is very cool, has two layers of treatment to be mixed before spraying on the face.

The texture is in between-toner, serum and gel…definitely a must have product for me:)..I am also loving the gel cream from this range and a mask as well…here is my video I did a couple of weeks ago showcasing all three products I have from this Aqua EX Black Essence range

Here is my video from the previous blog

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Ingredients pic (click on the pic to make it larger)




  1. Isabel

    Hi Lily, I came across your blog a few days ago and I must say, I love your in-depth reviews which help me incredibly much in choosing skincare products. I’m actually on Gmarket, eBay and Korean Depart buying some of the items you recommended, but I can’t seem to find the Scinic ones easily on Gmarket as you mentioned in your video above.

    Typing “Scinic total cell essence” only gives one result for a BB cream. I would be really grateful if you can give some pointers! Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Dear Isabel, here is a link to Gmarket Scinic store:)

      193 items to choose from:)….thank you for your support….best regards…lily

      1. Isabel

        Dear Lily, thanks so much 🙂 I wish they would write in English as well as Korean, for instance I cannot tell which is which:

        I will send them an inquiry…! Big thanks again!

      2. My pleasure Isabel…kind regards…Lily

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