Korean Snail Creams-Part 2: Scinic Snail matrix Cream. Snail White. Skin Watchers. Secret Key. Elensilia. Jaminkyung. Review and Demo

Hi Guys:)

Group Photo  of the Creams reviewed in this post (click on the pic to make it bigger)


Today I have prepared another huge post on Korean Snail Products..please have a look at my video from my blog post for Korean Snail Creams-Part 1 which will give you a good idea of the products I have tried so far before I have purchased products included here for Korean Snail Creams-Part 2. As you guys know i am addicted to Snail creams and always love to try new options:)

Video: Korean Snail Creams-Part 1

Blog Post: Korean Snail Creams-Part 1


These are the brands I will re-purchase Snail creams from when they come up with new options and formulations:

from my post Korean Snail Creams-Part 1:

1. Tony Moly

2. Elisha Coy

3. It`s Skin

Before you go on to read this post the Conclusion of the Korean Snail Creams-Part 2 is:

The creams I have recommended to try from the Korean Snail Creams-Part 1 have now been outperformed by the top 2 products in the Korean Snail Creams-Part 2  

1. Scinic Snail matrix Cream

2. Skin Watchers Intensive Snail cream (with Epidermal growth Factors)

My recommendation however still stands on the products I have recommended in the 1st Part….so do try those…but my Must have products are the two products I have listed above.

My judgement is based on the Results I am able to get with the product, Quality of the product, % of Snail secretion Filtrate, Inclusion of the Latest ingredients and Pricing of the product…where I strive to find the most cost effective option which delivers all of the above.

And now my 2nd video on Korean Snail Creams-Part 2

No 1 Winner from both Battles.

Scinic Snail matrix Cream

Gmarket is the best place to buy it from as part of a set or on its own…my repurchase of this product will be on Gmarket, I will go for their Super Size deal-10 USD for 120 ml. As you guys know I already did a couple of reviews on the Scinic brand and many of my Must Have product come from this brand so I think  for a cream that has 23% snail secretion filtrate, peptides, adenosine, and Epidermal Growth Factors given the quality and the price tag…in my opinion this is an unbeatable combination thus far.

I actually have their whole snail line, toner, emulsion, essence, cream, eye cream and a Scinic Snail BB cream which is also another one of my must have products...I will be doing a separate post on the Scinic snail line as well in the near future…so stay tuned for that:)

btw-this whole set is only 34 USD on Gmarket

Scinic Ingredients from the packaging:



No 2 Place

Skin Watchers Green Snail Intensive Cream

very good cream, good fluffy texture, rich but not greasy feel, good price —-15.98 USD from Ebay …my repurchase will be from Gmarket through as this brand offers good deals through their direct store on Gmarket …so I will be repurchasing this cream and purchasing more from this brand from Gmarket

note an interesting difference here as posted on by the Australian distributor for this brand:

snail mucus imported from France (French mucus is the only one that has been through stringent stability testing) compared to competitors which use untested mucus from Chile, China, USA.

No 3 Place

Secret Key Snail + EGF gel Cream….I am very impressed with this gel as the best gel type snail cream I have tried thus far even though the gel texture is light, the EGF here give my skin a very nice texture and even colour. The price is great ….around 10-13 USD widely available on both Ebay and Gmarket

I have two more products from Secret Key Snail line and I am very impressed with all three products which I will do a separate post on and will try more from this Brand as well…so stay tuned for that:)

No 4 Place

Nutree Jaminkyung Original Crema Caracol followed by Intensive cream

I have got both the Original and the Intensive cream….Original is my favorite and is evidently a Best Seller as well…overall I am impressed by this brand and will be buying more snail products from it to try…..best place to shop for it is : http://en.koreadepart.com/

Most of the information available on this brand is in Korean…for English info please visit…..http://en.koreadepart.com/…..they often do great deals on this product and it is always a best selling Snail line for this online store…..regular deals include 3 creams for 24 USD….the best selling deal is a combination of two original creams and one intensive cream.

I have put it in fourth place for me…because it is more geared toward oily-combination to normal skin and my top pics for snail creams are good for normal to dry skin type with an oily t-zone…which is basically my skin type.

No 5 Place 

Elensilia Escargot Original Repair Cream

Elensilia Escargot Original Repair Cream—this is a gel type cream 22 USD for 50 ml on Ebay …..this is a nice gel cream…which I like but I will only re-purchase if I find a good deal on Gmarket….the good thing about this brand is that they have their store on the Gmarket where they offer many deals direct to the customer..so when I decide to repurchase it..it will definitely be on Gmarket and not Ebay.

The last product I like but I will not repurchase because I dont think it is worth the price being asked is:

Snail White Cream from Thailand—-apparently it is a best seller over there….I love the hygienic packaging, nice firming and brigtening effect and the ingredients are very good…but the cheapest price I found for it was 47 USD on Ebay…and whilst I am enjoying using this product….it is not worth to me so much to re-purchase it for this price tag.











  1. Hi Lily,

    maybe you should give a try to our new snail extract line. We are Reelle and we are producing 100% pure snail extract skincare products.

    If you are intereted in making reviews of our products, you can contact me 🙂

    Here is the word for snail cream ครีมหอยทาก in thai 🙂

    We have an english version of our website but it’s not really finished yet.

    1. sure I would be very interested …please contact me via email dlprinciple@hotmail.com to discuss….best regards..lily

  2. Thank you so much for the great information
    Your blog has really good reviews of the creams that I am looking for
    Snail Snail White cream is one the best cream out there to try on Women face for reforming new skin, acne free and other good results from snail white cream


    1. Thank you very much for your support…best regards..Lily

  3. Hi Lily, thanks for the post. Do you have any idea how much snail secretion filtrate is in Snail White? I can’t find out anywhere…it’s the only cream that doesn’t seem to mention it…I’m guessing not a lot?…Thanks, appreciate any help 🙂

    1. Hi dear:)… Appologies but I don’t know the exact amount of snail extract in Snail white…I do think that it is a nice cream but is overpriced at 47 USD for this price you are much better off with Relle as stated on my Must Have page…or Scinic if you want something cheaper:)… Cheers…Lily

      1. Thanks Lily, I have to agree with you there, it’s definitely overpriced considering their not very clear about what’s even in it. Thanks for the recommendation on Reelle, I’ll check out your review. Chris

      2. Relle is truly great…and I cant wait to try the new premium line they just did:)…will let you know when I tried it:)…cheers Lily

  4. Sez

    Hi lily,
    I’m so happy to have come across your site! And really appreciative of your in depth and honest reviews. I have only ever delved into Mizon snail creams (both the multi and black) but in hindsight they didn’t do much for my skin (I just believed the lie of the high snail %). I’m really keen to buy Scinic but when I looked online at gmarket while the actual product set is cheap, shipping is ridiculous (costs more than the set itself)! Just wondering did you pay a lot for shipping… Or maybe I have to find another to get the products 😦

    1. Dear Sez, you can also find lots of offers for Scinic on Ebay..even the snail cream in its largest 120ml size:)…I do buy lots from Gmarket..never just one item or just one set…so if I buy 200 USD worth of product..I dont mind paying 50 USD for the shipping…cause you get so many products from Gmarket for 200 USD..especially if you buy in sets…very good value then:)…let me know how you go with scinic if you do end up getting it…best regards..Lily

  5. Sez

    Hi Lily, Even though I used Missha FTE properly (i.e. first after cleansing) it broke me out badly – which apparently isn’t unheard of. Fortunately I had the Scinic Snail Matrix Cream >< went on a camp this weekend at the height of the break out and brought nothing but Hada Labo and this cream and my pimples are now almost all gone! I like the texture of the cream and it's immediate cooling / calming effect on the skin. My skin is still dry but at least it's healing properties are legit 🙂 Keen to maybe try out the Skin Watchers and Secret Key too ^^

    1. Skin Eatkres is great on top of Scinic for more moisture benefits…Secret key is more soothing then moisturising…I highly recommend Relle snail products for great moisturising and anti-agening benefits minus pimples:)…have a look at my Relle review for more details…best regards…Lily

  6. Following you recommendation I ordered the scinic snail kit from Gmarket. Even with shipping cost and the custom charge I have to pay in the UK, it is still an amazing deal for such quality product. I had to pinch myself reading the ingredient list.
    The BB is remarkable, I never thought it would work for me.
    I have not had much luck with Asian BB,I usually find them too full coverage, but this one blends into nothing!
    I did my make up with it in half the time it usually takes me, and it looked barely there (better than my chanel vita aqua lumiere).
    I am pale with both pink and yellow undertone and to my surprise this shade is a match for me!?
    So once again I owe you for your truly helpful and spot on recommendation!
    Thank you so much!

    1. Dear Lucrece, yes Scinic as a brand overall is pretty great and amazingly cheap for the quality of products they produce…I do love their BB…and mostly use it as concealer under my eyes as I prefer to be much darker then my natural light skin tone…hence I mix Scinic BB and other BBs or CCs in my cushion foundation with a western foundation in darker colour to make a perfect face:)…cheers..Lily

      1. Clever you, that is a great tip! I am just frustrated I cannot find the ingredients in English for the snail BB. 😛

      2. my pleasure:)…cheers..lily

  7. Van

    Hi Lily,

    I have the Missha First Treatment Essence, full Scinic snail set and red serum. I have been layering them according to the order below
    1. Missha First Treatment Essence.
    2. Scinic Snail Skin
    3. Red serum.
    4. Scinic Snail Essence
    5. Scinic Snail Emulsion.
    6. Scinic Snail Cream.

    Am I overkilling by layering so many products?

    Is my way of integrating the Missha FTE and Red serum with the snail set correct? I am confident with the order of the snail products but not with the Missha FTE and Red serum.

    P/S: Just got my Korean skin care haul containing about half of the products on your must have page :). You are the beauty blogger I trust the most 🙂 Will let you know the result when I use them long enough.


    1. Dear Van…you are doing everything perfectly and in the right order…a combination of these products works great together…I am hoping you are seeing great results with your skincare…best regards…lily

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