Swanicoco Astraxan Repair Emulsion. Swanicoco Snail Fermentation Repair Emulsion. Swanicoco Medicinal Herbs Snail Emulsion.

Hi guys:)
Today I am doing a new post about one of my very favorite brands…Swanicoco.
This brand is famous for meticulous nano-fermented formulations, almost 100% inclusion of natural ingredients, as well as formulating with latest ingredients such as Astraxan, snail secretions, rice fermentation, Human oligopeptides, fermented cell cultures of Ginseng, hydrolyzed collagen and many more exciting ingredients we should all have in our beauty products.
I have to state right from the start….that I absolutely LOVE all three emulsions….so it has been a very difficult decision which one out of the three emulsions I should re-purchase once I run out and I have to say that it is the Astraxan Repair Emulsion that has the best effect on my skin in terms of anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle, not surprisingly it also has the most exciting ingredient listing as on the pic below. I have also tried a sample of Astraxan Repair Toner and I love it too…my 2nd must have-re-purchase is the Swanicoco Snail Fermentation Repair Emulsion-I love the smoothing feel here and the faint smell of a tea rose here is great……. I have not tried the toner to go with this emulsion though…so.. it is a nice surprise to look forward to:):):)
Here is my video showing all three products:)
Click on pics to make them bigger
Most of the info on this brand is available in Korean…have a look at detailed description of all the products below. I think the best thing to do here is to experience all three products and decide which one you like best. In my opinion:
1. Must have-Swanicoco Astraxan Repair Emulsion-most impressive ingredient listing here….and this also has the most moisturizing texture…so this is perfect for people concerned with ant-ageing and normal to very dry skin types.
2. Must have-Swanicoco Snail Fermentation Repair Emulsion-there is only 5% snail extract here but the product if Fantastic…it is nano-fermented and includes Epidermal factors, Rice ferment filtrate and Ginseng culture extract…I also absolutely adore the very faint smell of a tea rose here…in fact I even put a little of this emulsion under my nose…before I go to sleep as it helps me to sooth and relax my senses. The texture here is less moisturizing then the Asraxan option…but it is a nice balance between moisturizing and smoothing feel.
3. This is hard to let go off….I must say that I do love it…but will not put it as a must have for me as it hsa the most simple ingredient list, the lighest feel and realy suitable for those with oily skin or people that want something very light for summber…neverthesell the quality of this product is fantastic.
I would like to say that everything I have tried from Swanicoco has been of the very highest quality starting from the packaging, nano-fermented formulations, latest ingredient inclusion in these products and of course the actual effect this products have on my skin. Please note these is a premium Korean brand and its product are not cheap nor are they prohibitively expensive.
The best place to shop for this brand is Gmarket as you are buying directly from Swanicoco and they offer the best prices and also do not sell products manufactured more than 6 months ago.
Swanicoco Astraxan Repair Emulsion-24 USD
Swanicoco Snail Fermentation Repair Emulsion-14 USD
Swanicoco Medicinal Herbds Snail Emulsion-14 USD
Official Product info of Swanicoco website


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