Swanicoco Snail White Bubble Mask

Hi everybody:)

Today I am going to talk about a huge Japanese trend-Bubble Mask Cleanser/Mask Treatment Product. A lot of Japanese girls are washing their faces with the bubbles these days. I’ve seen them do it on home shopping, TV and the magazines. Basically these bubble products were extremely popular in Japan

Whilst I have not tried any of the Japanese versions yet, I was drawn to a Snail White Bubble Mask which is now going to be my New Must Have Product from a very high quality Korean brand I have discovered in the name of Swanicoco. 


This is a premium Korean brand that uses almost 100% natural ingredients inclusive of the most up-to-date anti-ageing chemical compounds such as Astraxin, EGF, Adenosine, hydrolyzed collagen, plus all the BUZ ingredients such as snail secretion, bee venom and rice fermentation extracts. On top of it all all of their products have all these ingredients either fermented or the product itself has undergone a special fermentation process. Everything about this brand is very good quality and premium grading…starting from the external paper packaging, to your heavy glass product packaging  which is functionally complimentary to the product…e.g. both toners and emulsions are in the pump packaging…so it is easy to use the product…I already have three of their emulsions which I also briefly show in this video, plus I have already tried their toner and cotton masks…which are all absolutely fantastic….(amazingly their EGF serum comes with a 6 months warranty) and the brand insists that it does not sell any products with a manufacturing date older then 6 months…it is also recommending to use all the opened products within 6 months as they use a minimal amount of preservatives. The special quality of this brand can be definitely felt on application….in terms of a synergistic product of a natural formulation plus all the latest anti-ageing innovations….

I do have to mention here…that this is the most expensive Korean brand I have tried so far with emulsions ranging from 14 USD to 58 USD…but I have to say that I don’t mind spending money on this brand as the products are absolutely worth the pricing-the sizing is generous 120ml for emulsions and  the quality of the product is felt immediately upon applications…so definitely stay tuned for more reviews of this brand:)

Where is the best place to get this brand—-Korean GMarket ofcourse:)-it is not cheap…about 26 USD-the quality justifies the price in my opinion.

Here is Swanicoco official Video of the Snail White Bubble Mask-do checkout their other videos as they demonstrate the products…I will most definitely be getting more of their products on top of the 4 products that i already have from this brand and will soon review their emulsions as my Must Have Emulsions.

Here is my Product Review and Demonstration…watch carefully as I show how these Oxygen bubbles form on my face which work to deeply cleanse and detoxify my skin and thoroughly remove the most deeply sited blackheads (this effect was to my great surprise as I did not expect it), this product also gives you a radiant whitening effect (even though the last effect is temporary)

Here I have included info I was able to dig up about this particular product (luckily in English-as most of the info available on this brand is in Korean)

Swanicoco Snail Mucus Oxygen Pore Management Bubble Mask

Demonstration of Bubble Formation on the hand




  1. Agnieszka

    Dear Lily:)
    I used Swanicoco Snail gommage peeling gel and I have to admit that the best of Asian peels 🙂 is extremely gentle, but very effective, and absolutely worth the money.

    1. Dear Agnieszka:)
      Thank you very much for the tip…I had my eye on it and will definitely get it now…I have Mizon apple gel peel..which is actually not bad…but I am sure that Swanicoco would be better…so happy to discover that brand:)…I hope it is no longer raining in Poland for you;)..best regards…Lily

  2. Agnieszka

    Hello Lily 🙂
    Poland said that April is the month, which includes a little bit of winter and summer … and so it is – and today we have sun and rain, but I’m glad because nature is exceptionally lush green 🙂 🙂
    btw I got my eye on a lot of products Swanicoco, but it is very poorly with their availability on eBay: (

    1. Dear Agnieszka,

      Swanicoco is best on Gmarket…I wish I can buy more from them in terms of what is available on their Korean website..I am considering to give me them a call when I can order more porducts from them listed on their website but not available even on Gmarket…I wil let you know how I go:)…have a great and sunny day!!!…best regards…Lily

  3. Very good post. I am facing many of these issues as well..

    1. Dear Julia…I am happy to have helped you…best regards..Lily

  4. lucrece

    I just received this. But the ingredients and info are all in Korean. 😛 I don’t suppose you still have details…? The other Swanicoco products you mentioned seemed to have more info in English. 🙂 it is a bit of a bother.

    1. sorry hun…I threw the packaging…it is a beautiful product though..try it:)..best regards..lily

  5. lucrece

    No worries lovely I am just OCD! 😛 😀


    1. All good:)… Are you from Australia?;)… I lived 20 years in Melbourne…

  6. lucrece

    Actually I was born in Paris France. Father, Italo-German, mother French-Norwegian.
    I have lived in the UK since 1995. My English has pick up a whole lot of different vernacular from all over.
    Where are you from originally bella?

    1. I was born in Russia, spent 20 years in Australia and now I live in Switzerland…lol

  7. Lucrece

    I had spotted your killer cheekbones, I thought perhaps they were from those parts. It must have been such culture shock. Good for you!
    By the way good thorough skincare works. I am 41 with still no lines or wrinkles whatsoever.

    1. great minds think alike:)…skincare is like going to the gym…if you slack off..you will get no results…so good on you for taking care of yourself:)…lots of fun…isnt it?…xxx…lily

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