Korean Gmarket

Hi guys:)

Today I am posting about my new favorite online shopping portal for Korean Beauty products.

It is Korean Gmarket (this is basically Korean Amazon)

I am so addicted to it now, that I am buying beauty products from there in quantities of over 5kg:)…yes I am crazy…hahahah….just check out my video and the pics below

What I love about it

1. Great site-easy to navigate-all in English-payment in US dollars

2. Many of the Korean top brands are registered directly on the Gmarket-this means the lowest prices directly from the manufacturer

3. Lowest prices possible….it is like shopping in Korea because you are buying directly from the brand most of the time.

4. Amazing package deals-watch my video where I show an anti-ageing set of 6 products purchased for 29 USD-ridiculously good deal for great quality products (Collagen Anti Wrinkle set from Skin House)

5. Many sellers often put many gifts with purchase…I am often getting many full size products and this is how I discovered my new favorite cleanser-Scinic Aqua Cleansing water EX which is on my Must Have Page-I now have two full sizes of these products sent to my as gifts:)

6. Super fast shipping…buy from many different shops which send the goods to a central warehouse which then combines all the goods in one box and ships it to your home for a reasonable fee

7. Products are delivered to my apartment on the 6th day after I hit the buy button…this is coming from Korea to Switzerland-which is obviously a fair distance away.

8. Products sent via registered mail through EMS which I can easily track immediately with Swisspost website.

9. Great customer service-I had a question which was answered in perfect English in 24 hours via email.

10. So many great loyalty programs…they will confuse you:)

11. Again…the prices and the quantity of products is amazing…many of these brands are not available on Ebay or they have a much smaller range on Ebay…just type in word “snail” to come up with over 3500 listings for snail products alone.

My final recommendation is…

if you are buying sample lots or buying a couple of productsgo Ebay as many Korean sellers there combine shipping and ship for Free or ship registered mail for just 2.50

if you are buying skincare sets and lots of productsGmarket is Best :)-lowest product prices make the shipping charge worthwhile

Here are my purchases

20140318_223128 20140401_185245 20140318_221943 20140318_222126 20140401_184107 20140401_184425 20140401_184433 20140401_184534





  1. Beauty Couture

    Wow this is amazing! I will definitely check this website out…I hope they ship to the UK xx

    1. They ship all over the world Hun;)…happy shopping…!!!

  2. Agnieszka

    impressive shopping 🙂 mine are always much smaller, so I only buy on ebay: (
    become interested me particularly cosmetics Scinic,
    Interestingly, if there are samples of water Scinix black ex essence

    1. Dear Agnieszka, I have not seen samples of this product…but honestly at 20 USD it is a great buy you cant go wrong with:)…I suppose if you totaly dont like it you can always give it away as a present:)

    2. Dear Agnieszka, I have not seen samples of this product…but honestly at 20 USD it is a great buy you cant go wrong with:)…I suppose if you totaly dont like it you can always give it away as a present:)

  3. Curious

    Hello Lily,

    I find Gmarket’s website to be overwhelming. After reading your post and watching your video, I may go back and give it a second chance.

    Especially if I can get better discounts @ Gmarket than I can on Tester Korea or Korea Depart.

    How can you tell if a seller is reputable on Gmarket? If Gmarket is like ebay how can you avoid scams or getting a bad/duped product?

    1. Dear Curious, the great thing about Gmarket is that it is not like Ebay…but it is like Amazon, where a seller send the package to a central dispatching point…I absolutely love Gmarket as it is super fast shipping including weekends…e.g. If I buy on a Thursday…I have the products already in my apartment on the tuesday of the following week…and this is after the seller has shipped it to a central dispatching point which then packs and forwards products to me here in Switzerland…so really fast, and cost effective…even if I sometimes pay 50 USD for shipping, considering the amour of products I got…it works out great:)…I have never even had a second thought about having a problem seller there…as I these are many Korean brands that are registered their directly as online Seller…so you are not actually buying from an individual person..but rather from a brand direct…its Like being in Korea in the brand`s shop:)….so good luck with it…I am sure you would be fine…best regards…Lily

  4. Curious

    Thank you Lily. That is really reassuring. I was really scared of being taken advantage of. I have been browsing around Gmarket for a few days and have found some amazing prices.

    1. Exactly…it is great for Bargains:)

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