Scinic aqua ex black essence water. Scinic aqua ex black jelly cream. Scinic wrinkle energy mask

Hi guys,

I am posting about more amazing products I have discovered from My New Favorite Brand-Scinic    


I am amazed by the quality and the innovation of their products most of which are under 20 USD.

Do check out: for amazing package deals directly from this brand.

The three products I am showing in this video are my New Must Have Products and will go on my Must Have Page

The black essence range is my ultimate marine range I have been looking for. As you know I have been loving my Missha products but I was disappointed by their marine range…I am very to have found Scinic though….and I already have about 10 of their products and have ordered about 10 more…so stay tuned for that…especially their Snail Range.

The black essence range has 20% marine complex, deep see water, botanical and marine extracts, hydrolyzed collagen,black pearl extracts and adenosine (certified by Korean FDA for anti-wrinkle effect).

I have the product and ingredient listing pics below as well as actual brand info and brand video…do check out the brand video it is very cool and I hope you like my little video and demonstration of these products.

Scinic aqua ex black essence water

All in One Essence
( Lotion + Essence + Serum)

This is very cool, has two layers of treatment to be mixed before spraying on the face.

The texture is in between-toner, serum and gel…definitely a must have product, in fact I was so impressed by it that I have ordered two more of these essence type treatments in 2 other versions that Scinic has which is the Total Cell and the Aqua Steam

ingredient listing


Scinic aqua ex black jelly cream

Again I am very impressed here, immediately revitalizing-can be used all over the face, including under eye and on the eye lids, gives you fantastic anti-wrinkle, lifting and moisture effect. This also has black pearl complex as well-the pearl itself is a living organism and the black pearl extract here gives you marine collagen in this product.

texture pic


Here you can watch official Scinic video on this product range and my little demonstration.

Scinic wrinkle energy mask 

Great little two-part mask-feels very moisturizing though 36ml of essences. It can also be used several times with the original and other essences. Durable material that feels like a medical bandage and is well-made to preserve facial contours since the mask covers well practically all of your face and also has a special part for the chin and jaw line



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 care,korean,cosmetic,korean set,toner,moisture,emulsion,serum,4set,skin Moisture,cosmetics,gift Ampoule, SCINIC,scinic,Womens,Cosmetic,Hyaluronic, cosmetics,Gel,cream



  1. Lucrece

    Dear Lily
    Could you please post the ingredients for the black jelly please? I could not find it anywhere.
    Kindest regards
    Fabienne- Lucrece

    1. Dear Fabienne-Lucrece, I have thrown out the box packaging now, so i dont have those with me at present, however I have included the official info on the blog about this product and the main ingredients are listed there, from memory these are black pearl extract and seaweed extracts:…cheers Lily

      1. Lucrece

        Thank you Lily. X

  2. Lucrece

    I forgot to ask where do you get info on Scinic? When I typed Scinic in google I got ziltch… I would love to know if they have a blog or an easily navigable website for westerners… I cannot read any Korean whatsoever.
    Same with Mizon I cannot find much that is easily understandable. That goes for a lot of Asian brands.

    At least with Missha it is very easy and they post ingredients too!
    So in a future post if you could consider sharing where you get your info from please, it would great.
    I have combination very thricky skin and checking the ingredients is essential for me.
    That is why your blog is such a valuable discovery.

    ❤ xxxx

    1. Dear Lucrece, there rea lots of info on Scinic on Gmarket and also for Mizon go at least you get some info in english here on some of the key ingredients for most of Korean brands….with Scinic it is all in Korean on Gmarket and thankfully though most of their packaging has English info…I will make sure to post as much on ingredients as possible in the future:)…cheers Lily

      1. lucrece


  3. shahrzadkl

    Hi again Lily,
    Do you think this mist and jel cream would suit my combination skin? I just love the idea of mists so much.
    I will be 30 next year and I want to use some anti wrinkle products. Can you recommend me anything light?

    1. Hi dear, these two products are definetly great for combination skin needing anti-aging benefits, also Scinic snail range as a budget option or Relle snail range as a premium option and Dr. Tree 3-in-1 essence, and Swanicoco emulsions…all of these are great anti-aging products for combination skin…if you do get any of these products let me know how you go…best regards..lily

      1. shahrzadkl

        Great. Then I will try black jell first and make sure to let you know my opinion about it.
        Thanks for helping me out dear Lily.

      2. Dear Shahrzadkl, thank you for your support, please do let me know, as I am always curious to know if my advice was helpuf to my viewers…this is the main point of my blog is to help everybody to be their most beautiful:)…best regards…Lily

  4. Hi Lily!
    I really need your help with gmarket. I do have an account, and I have used it once, but the shipping is CRAZY and I don’t know HOW to apply for combined shipping? (I’m in Norway) I have googled and searched but noone is able to explain to me how it works! I know I can get back most of the shipping fee in store credit, but I rather want to pay less in the first place! I buy a lot off of other sites, but I would love to shop at Gmarket! Pleeeease help me! =) Thank you SO much in advance! Hugs, Randi

    1. Dear Randi, there is no combined shipping on the Gmarket…I normally pay about 40 to 50 USD for a package of 5kg….just put all the items in the cart and select your preferred method of shipping…there is even a chart there which shows you how many kilos cost how much…so I normally end up with a 250 USD bill with shipping to Switzerland….but if I have picked up value packs with like 5 products each…it works out great cause you are bound to get about 10 products for the total bill….that is my shopping habit on Gmarket thus far…is that similar to what you are getting?…please let me know…best regards…Lily

  5. Taylor

    Dear Lily..when you use the scinic black essence water does it finish fast because I really need something that a little goes a long way..besides that I want to know if 1 bottle scinic black essence water need how many jar of the scinic black jelly cream to finish them at the same time because the shipping really broke my the way does all this product can be use during the summer?? Because my skin is very oily T-T …and I want a moisturising product that not make my skin oilier..sorry for my grammar since I’m too excited for this product..If you wiling to answer my questions that’ll ve lovely..okay sweetest regard,Taylor

    1. Dear Taylor, these products can be used for summer and are great for an oily combo skin type…the gel would finish sooner then the spray essence since it is only a 50ml product and an essence is a 120ml product…that does last a long time…it is also very cheap…so it does make for a great budget buy:)…cheers.Lily

  6. Dear Lily,
    Amongst the three serums, Total Cell, Black Essence and the Steam Aqua essence, which is the most suited for oily-combo skin and especially during summer?

    1. Dear Whimsicakkywitty…I think Black essence is best for oily combo skin…thank you…Lily

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