Scinic Aqua Cleansing Treatment-My New Favorite Cleanser

Hi guys:)

I am very excited today to show you a new product I have discovered, that took me very much by surprise. I did not order it, it was a gift with purchase and it came in full size, from this new brand I am trying out. The brand is called Scinic and I must say, that I absolutely love this brand at the moment, I already own about 10 products from this brand and I am ordering more:)…yes…I am crazy:)….hahahah…so stay tuned for more reviews coming soon…especially Scinic Snail Range

I am definitely deeply impressed and can`t believe how reasonable priced it is especially if you take advantage of all the special packs available on my new favorite shopping place:)

So…today’s product is Scinic Aqua Cleansing Treatment


Special price at Gmarket…only 11.73…the cool thing is that you buy directly from the manufacturer….as Gmarket is basically Korean Amazon

This product is most impressive because not only it took off all of my make up completely, the texture of it is very unique…it is not oil based and yet to me it feels like a sprayable oil gel serum if you will…this is probably the best way to describe it…definitely very moisturizing and feels like a real treat.

Cool ingredients as per below pic of the packaging include: see water, lots of different plant and marine extracts, Aloe Vera and ginseng extract (ginseng in my cleanser?…I think it is a nice little luxury)…like I mention above…I am most impressed not only with fantastic quality and innovativeness of this brand but a ridiculously low price point for such a good product range.


More product info on the Gmarket



  1. alex

    thank you for your review, its very helpful!

    1. Dear Alex, thank you for your Support….my pleasure;)

  2. Lucrece

    Hello could you please tell me what marine extracts you saw in this? I could not see any myself?

    1. Dear Lucree, here is the add for is in Korean though…and it is picturing marine ingredients:)…also it has sea water, and I believe some of the extracts are actually seaweed extracts…another reason why I love this Cleanser that it feels like you are cleansing with serum rather then an oil because about 80% of the ingredients here are actually different plant extracts, hence it is very lite…going into a lite milky liquid..and does not feel like an oil..a really special treat in my opinion, it lasts ages and takes off all my face make-up including non-waterproof mascara:)..if you do get it…let me know how you go with it…best regards..lily

  3. michali

    Hi Lili,
    Is it the forst step of cleaning ? or the second one? i mean- after using it should i use anything more like a wash/ foam soup face?

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