Secret Key CC Cushion Foundation Review and Demo

Hi everybody:)

I am super excited today to let you know about my new Must Have Liquid Foundation product.

This product is a CC Cushion Foundation.

My very first one is from Secret Key and it has a super natural glow finish which can be built up to medium coverage with absolutely no caking. The coverage lasts all day and it is in my opinion the most natural look possible to achieve with a face foundation product. On top of all of the above amazing features, this product is designed with a refill feature, it is very lightweight and has a sun protecting factor in it.

None of the Westrern Brands have got anything remotely similar. However this product s a huge craze in Asia and I am sure that just like Western brands have copied the Asian BB and CC creams, we are bound to see some Western brands copy this product too in a year or so if not sooner:)

Extra features of this type of product include different colours and different finishes, such as: cover, glow, dewy, normal. Checkout options of this product from Etude House.

Here is official Etude House commercial of this product-it comes in different colours and finishes.

The Secret Key brand only has one colour now and one finish which is-glow. Even in its limited capacity, I love this product.

As amazing as it sounds, there are even a couple more cool way to use it.

Cool tips on using this product and product demo is in my new little video.

I hope you guys will enjoy it:)

I got mine from Ebay for 15.90 USD from f2plus1 Store

The Cushion product that started the Cushion Foundation Craze is:

Hera UV Mist Cushion-it has won multiple Asian Beauty Awards since its launch and will definetly be the next refill product I will try and slot into my Secret Key compact.

In fact I can see myself trying many of these from many different brands because it is such a pleasure to use.

Here is official Hera commercial of this product-it comes in different colours and finishes.



  1. As always you are so helpful! I was curious about those cushion foundations but I was not going to bother with the BB version as I have had little luck with shades and regular Asian BB. I tried the etude house cotton fit but thought it was too chalky… It is a pity because I liked the ingredients so much.
    Anyway, I ordered the secret key CC cushion thanks to you and I am so impressed with it. As you said it does not cake and it is so easy to apply I can do my make up and sun protection in a flash. A really innovative product.
    Thanks again Lady! Your blog is so helpful to me!
    Xxx *hugs*

    1. Dear Lucrece, thank you again for you kind words and your generous support of my blog…I really appreciate you taking the time to post comments and to give me feedback on my recommendations…best regards…Lily

      1. You are welcome darling, you deserve many thanks for such a useful blog and the work you put in it.
        I hope one day you will have you own shop online!
        I loved those CC cushion from secret key so much, I bought another two as I am worried they might discontinue them.

        Oh by the way I have tried applying with a beauty blender ( the ones below are really good value) and it works really well too.

        Hoping all well with you. Xx

      2. Dear Lucrece….thank you again for your support…another great cushion that I am using…yet to be reviewed is by Face Shop Screen cell cushion….just another option if Secret key discontinue theirs….also since using cushion foundation I am not even curious to try beauty blender (original or copies thereof) lol…Cushion Foundation is a holy grail for me…even though I love mixing it with BAreminerals new serum foundation for colour…or applying straight Bare minerals foundation with a cushion puf..I find the puf from Face shop screen cell cushion is great for that as it is semi-absorbent as the secret key one is not-absorbent (but you get a fuller coverage with it)….keep in touch…I love your comments…best regards…Lily

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