Missha First Treatment Essence-Best Selling product for Missha brand

Today I am very excited to let you know about my Must-Have product. This product is going to go into my Must Have Section as the essential skin conditioner everybody should at least try to use as the very first step of skincare.

So what is so special about it???

80% GALACTOMYCES FERMENT FILTRATE-same ingredient that is in SK II-best selling product for the last 10 years- (which has a significantly smaller percentage of the ferment and the overall formulation is actualy not as good as the one from MISSHA-not to mention the prices of SK II at 200 USD +)

To learn more about MISSHA-visit http://www.missha.net

Licorice, Niacinamide, and Bifida ferment lysate-same ingredient as in Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum best selling for the brand for the last 20 years.

Key Benefits:

-soft transparent skin

-smaller pores

-conditioned and revitalised skin appearance

-relaxed look of the skin

-preventative in terms of pimples

-good brightening effect

-good anti-wrinkle effect

-produces a “youthful bounce” effect on the skin

-mild daily exfoliating effect

My litte video below gives you detailed info and product demo 

The original discovery story of the GALACTOMYCES FERMENT FILTRATE in terms of its effect on the skin is explained in the video.

My overall recommendation is to at least try this product and make up your own opinion about it. It comes in a spray at 120ML at about 28 USD on Ebay or 34 USD for a 150ML bottle. I am sure that it will immediately become your favorite first step, this beauty junkee highly recommends it:)

Most of the Ebay stores listed in my Online Shopping Section carry the product and RubyRubyshop-Ebay (carries a sample offer of 10 samples for 6.99USD)-so this gives you 10 good goes at it before you decide to buy the full product.



  1. nautilus04

    I really enjoy reading and watching your reviews. Good job and thank you a lot!
    Do you use this essence instead of a toner?

    1. Dear nautilus04….I am happy I can be of help to you:)…in regards to Missha Treatment Essence….this is the first thing I put on my face morning and night..I then follow with Scinic Spray Essence…Then Secret Key Snail Toner-Booster-then Hadalabo Toner and I may even use Skinhouse Collagen Toner or Scinic Snail toner…I know it is alot of products before I even get to a moisturiser…that is why I am a beauty junkee…hahahah…best regards…Lily

  2. Sez

    Hi Lily! I got this product too and this morning was my first time trying it, however I treated it like an essence and applied it after my toner (Hada Labo).. not sure if it was because I put it after but the application was sooooo sticky!! Maybe I need to put it first… now that it’s absorbed my skin is really smooth but application didn’t feel right ^^’

    1. Dear Sez, Missha First Treatment Essense is called First foe a reason:)..please put it on First before you put Hadalabo lotion…best regards…Lily (this is the correct way)

  3. Lucrece

    Dear Lily
    Have you tried the secretKey 24K Gold Premium First Essence? Just curious. 🙂

    1. Dear Lucrece,

      I have not tried it yet..but I definitely will…together with Garrison version as well which is horse oil + galactomyces…how exciting is that?:)..also Scinic is going to send me broke…they just released a new snail range with both Red and Normal Ginseng (I am dying to try it)…plus Tony Moly has a new snail range and Missha- a little curious about this one as they have put Snail, Red Ginseng and Deer Antlers into one product..which is basically three of their existing oriental ranges in one:)…comes in a Red tub…I am also waiting for a tonne of products…and yet to review so many I have lol…not to mention trying to release three more serums from my own brand Lol…also the good news is that your order of my brand is going to leave warehouse any minute now and you will also get a confirmation email on that with a tracking number:)

      very best regards…and thank you again for your support.
      Have a great night!

      1. Lucrece

        Oh Golly so much new stuff! So exciting! Although I must say I am more intrigued with your own serums at the moment. I hope there will still be some for sale when I get back from holiday. 😀

      2. yes…I am also intrigued with my serums:)…and also working hard to bring new ones for Xmas:)…I will be sure to keep a few aside for you….have a great holiday!!!….best regards..lily

  4. Lucrece

    Thank you Lady!
    Kindest regards and warmest wishes

    1. Thank you Fabienne-Lucrece!
      very best regards from Lily

  5. Awesome post! Have you tried any of the Missha GEUMSUL line? What do you think of it?

    1. Thank you sweety…no I have not tried that Missha line apart from the new snail cream samples from this Line in the red packaging….they are ok…and I may be tempted to buy full size products in the future:)…cheers…lily

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