Garnier vs Bioderma the Battle of Micellar Waters

So you may have heard about Micellar Waters and their ability to take off all of the makeup including hard-to-remove mascaras. I was skeptical for a long time, because I have used the l’occitane and the Avene Micellar waters when they first came on the market, I have to say that they barely took any of the foundation off.

So I was disappointed at the time until I heard all the raves about a French brand called Bioderma. This was apparently the brand that models used to take of their makeup and one product in particular which made the brand famous-Bioderma Micellar water. I continued to be skeptical about it, untill I saw the big brands suchas Garnier, Loreal and Nivea come out with their own versions of Micellar water.

So, on that note I thought, if the big guys are copying the small French brand, then it must be something to try and so I have. You can get Bioderma Micellar water for sensitive and dry skin, this is the type I got, off the It is pretty expensive, about 23 USD for 250 ML….and considering that you need to use quite a bit of product I was looking for a very good substitute.

In short I will say that Bioderma Micellar water does take off all your make up, but the Garnier copy does it even better and at under 10 Swiss Francs or 5 pounds for a generous 400ML bottle, the water is refreshing and hydrating and also smells like roses, which is a nice little bonus.

In my video I do a demo comparison where I take off half of my heavy face makeup with Bioderma and half with Garnier.

I personally will not be re-purchasing Bioderma because I now prefer and use Garnier and would recommend you guys not to waste money on more expensive Micellar waters than the Ganier one…because it does the job done.

Cool tip: shake the bottle before use to see lite transparent bubbles for the most effective makeup removal.



  1. Sez

    Hi Lily! I bought this a week ago because I was in need of a new cleanser. I have used Bioderma (sensitive and trouble skin version) before and liked them, however this seems to do the job just as well for an awesome price!! My only minor concern is the foamy residue it leaves on the skin after application… hasn’t had any adverse reactions for me (using it day and night for a week) but did you experience the same thing?

    1. Dear Sez, I would recommend to always wash off cleansing water after cleansing face, even though the product says you dont need to do so. If feels a little like soap because “micellars” that do the trick in this product are actually super fine soap particles, hence I think it is best to have a few splashes of water after you finish to actually take the product off your face:)…best regrads…Lily

  2. Hi Lily, I’m having a look at Noreva Micellar Lotion. Do you think it’s better than the Garnier Micellar Water? I basically hate the idea of using cotton pads or wipes so I’m preferring the Noreva Milky Lotion as you can use that on wet face and then rinse off. Let me know your thoughts.

    1. Dear Whimsicallywitty…I actually have two bottles of Noreva lotion at home and I was very excited when I saw them in France..hence I bought two…but honestly Garnier is much better at removing makeup and especially eye make up. Noreva is good for somebody with super sensitive skin as it can be used even on Newborn babies…but in terms of makeup removing…it just takes a very long time…something like 3 to 5 goes to properly remove all your make up…so even though it is a lot more gentle then Garnier…it just not as quick or as effective…so on that note I will not buy it again….cheeers…Lily

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