holika holika gonyak soft jelly in a cleansing cream

More information about the brand and products is available from www.holikaholika.ca (this is a canadian site)

A mild cleansing cream with natural agar jelly beads (official picture)

Gonyak Soft Jelly in Cleasing Cream

This is my new favourite cleanser.

It does take off all the make up off-including my very hard to take off-Christian Dior mascara. The trick is to apply it to dry face, massage it for a little bit, then wash off with water….this will emulsify into a lotion and will not sting your eyes. It can make the upper eyelids a little dry…but a little eye cream can fix this quickly. Pores are cleaned very nicely as well, there is no residue or oilness left after it is washed off.

I love the texture of this cleanser…it has little beads inside a very pleasant cream making it very fun to massage this product and take off the whole day`s make up off in one quick step. There is a very small pleasant smell and the overall experience is soothing and pampering.

I would normally use cleansing oils or micellar water take off all of my make up…but have now made this as my main cleanser.

Because I enjoy a good cleansing process…this is what I do at the moment to take my make up off:

Step-by-step cleansing process:

1. holika holika gonyak soft jelly in cleansing cream-massage it all over my face

2. I take a small amount of jojoba oil…I would say 10 drops or so and massage on top of the cream.

3. Then I wet my hands and take everything off with water.

4. I take my Garnier Micellar water wipes and wipe off with Garnier Micellar water to finish off (btw…I prefer Garnier Micellar water to the Bioderma one…which dryes out my eyelids)

(steps 2, 3 and 4 are not necessary for everyday as the gonyak cleansing cream will take all of the make-up off, including mascara…I just like to use this little routine as it gives me a nice pampering experience)

Cool tip: (the video above shows it in action)

Couple of times a week I put this cream cleanser on my face, then I wet my Clarisonic Mia brush in warm water and I massage my face which gives me great clean pores and a nice exfoliating treat.

SIZE:  150ml (this does not look like a big size…but when you actually get the tub home and see that you only use a very small amount….it should last around 2-3 months if you use this regularly)

Official directions: Take the appropriate amount and apply on face. Gently massage it to remove the makeup or dirt.  After that use tissue or cotton pad to swift off and rinse with lukewarm water.

Price: $11.24 USA

I got mine from RubyRubyshop on ebay

Texture pic in the tub


Texture pic on my face…I put it on before taking it off with my Clarisonic Mia:)


Texture pic on my hand (close-up)



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